Class Room Procedures

  • I. Start of Class:
       A.  Come to class immediately
       B.  Sit in your assign seat
       C.  Have class materials on your desk
            1. Book open
            2. Notebook, which incudes homework
            3. Pencils and erasers
       D.  Other books and materials on the floor under your desk
       E.  Have all bathroom visits completed before class begins
    II.  Classroom Behavior:
       A.  Listen Carefully
       B.  Only one person speaks at a time
       C.  Raise your hand to ask questions
       D.  Ask questions if you do not understand the material
       E.  Take notes on all the material
       F.  Be enthusiastic and motivated about learning
       G.  Begin your homework if you have time at the end of class
       H.  No food or gum allowed in class
       I.  Keep hands and feet to yourself