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El Club de Español

  • The Danville Middle School now has a Spanish Club!

    Beginning in December, students may come to Sra. Bond's room from 7:05-7:35am. There will also be at least one day/month (beginning in January) that students may stay from 3-4pm.

    Spanish Club will be an informal time to practice the language without the stressors of the classroom (i.e. tests, quizzes, homework, etc.). Students will be able to use what they are learning in class, learn additional new vocabulary and grammar concepts, and participate in cultural discussions and activities----all in fun, interactive, and meaningful ways that will help students to retain the language and discover real-life applications that will encourage them to pursue the language academically and personally.

    This is a great time for students who are struggling in class to come for extra help and practice. 

    Beginning in January, the content will be focused on concepts to be covered on the National Spanish Exam so that students who plan to take the exam can prepare and have their best chance of success. Students who score above a 75% on the NSE do not have to take the cumulative final at the end of the year.

    In addition to in-classroom activities, it is the hope that we will also be able to participate in Community Outreach opportunities and field trips. 

    For more information or for questions regarding the club, please email Meagan Bond at