Do your work!

Honors British Literature 2020-2021 school year

  • Welcome to your last English class of high school - unless you fail, in which case it will be your next to the last English class of your high school career. 

    This year, we will be studying a ton of poems like Beowulf, Paradise Lost, Sir Gawain, but not Harry Potter (that's a little too modern - although, I wouldn't mind if you read HP because they are bangin' books). 

    We will also embark on some classic texts - Frankenstein, Lord of the Flies, Macbeth. Yes, they are all amazing texts, and yes, we will be discussing all of them, and yes, we will do writing and projects to wrap all the texs up and make sure you understand them and their timeless themes and messages. 

    I'm certain we will have a lovely time! 

    Oh, I almost forgot, we need to write - a lot - like your resumes, cover letters, college essays, just for fun, and any other example of writing you can imagine. 

    Come prepared to class daily. You are nearly a functioning adult in the real world - treat your education like it's your job - mostly because it is right now. We will get through the year together, and you will be ready to go out and make a smashing success of yourself in college, the work force, military, or any path you choose after high school. 

    Welcome all, and let's dig in!