Welcome Class of 2033!!

  • Welcome Kindergarten Class of 2033!  I am so excited about the school year to begin and most of all to meet YOU!  Kindergarten is an exciting time full of fun activities and lots of learning and growing.  I know there are many changes happening with school,  but please be patient and check back on my web page for announcements.  When I meet you at Open House, I will explain all the details about Kindergarten and our classroom. 


    Here are some items that you may donate to our classroom:


    Clorox/Lysol wipes

    hand soaps

    hand sanitizer

    plastic ziploc bags (sandwich or snack sizes)



    glue sticks

    Snacks (these will be kept in the classroom if any child would forget their snack for the day)

    Examples of snacks :  gold fish crackers, fruit snacks, pretzels

    All donated items may brought with you to Open House