Art class trips

  • Art trip

    Each year, the Art classes will take a coach bus to a nationally recognized Art museum.  We take students by seniority, Seniors first, the Juniors, Etc.  We are on a four year rotation between museums.  This year we will travel to the National gallery in Washington D.C., next year will go to the Metropoliton Museum of Art in New York City, in 2009 we will travel to Philadelphia, then during the fourth year of our rotation we will return to NYC to experience MoMA.

    Ceramics trip to Stoneware

    Each year at the beginning of Ceramics 2, the ceramics students travel to the Stoneware shop on Mill St. in Danville for a wheel throwing demonstration by Todd Jeffries.  While at the stoneware shop, students will have the opportunity to see a large collection of Todd's shapes, decorative techniques, and glaze uses.

    Ceramics Trip to Raku Firing

    Every April, the students in the Ceramics 2 classes will have the opportunity to go to a Raku fring at Jeff Krankoskie's home in Rural Danville.  During a Raku firing, students will be exposed to a different firing process and will have the opportunity to see a different style of creative works.