High School Learning Support Teacher

  • A High School Learning Support Teacher assists students who have learning difficulties or disabilities.  They fall under the catagory of special education.

    High school learning support teachers are responsible primarily for working with students who have physical or educational handicaps and learning difficulties, such as mental, visual or auditory impairments. Their job is to modify teaching strategies to meet the needs of special education students or students with disabilities. They instruct students on regular lessons in areas such as literacy, math and communication, but also impart lessons on self-sufficiency.

    Learning support teachers may work with children with challenges such as:

    -          ADHD

    -          Developmental language delays

    -          Dyscalculia

    -          Dyspraxia

    -          Dyslexia

    -          Impaired or weak cognitive skills

    -          Non-verbal learning difficulties

    -          Reading comprehension issues

    Their role is somewhat fluid depending upon what their students need. Unlike high school teachers who follow strict curriculums, high school learning support teachers have more freedom to adapt their lessons to their students.


    Contact Information:

    Jon Vella

    Room 235

    email: jvella@danvillesd.org

    Phone: 271-3268