Transition Program

  • Welcome to the Danville Area School District Transition Website! As the upcoming school year approaches, many parents and students find themselves wondering what transition entails and what our program can offer to each individual student enrolled within the Special Education Department.  According to the vision of the Pennsylvania Community on Transition, “all Pennsylvania youth and young adults with disabilities will successfully transition to the role of productive, participating, adult citizens. Youth will be empowered to recognize their talents, strengths, and voice and have equal access to resources that promote full participation in the communities of their choice.”1

    In the Danville Area School District, transition begins the year in which a student turns fourteen years of age. At the Danville Middle School, Special Education Teachers begin the process of transition by conducting interest inventories, parent/guardian surveys, student surveys, and online career portfolios. When the students are enrolled in eighth grade, they are also given the opportunity to tour the Columbia Montour Vocational Technology School as well as Danville High School to help them plan for their future academic endeavors.

    Once a student is enrolled at Danville High School, they are provided with many opportunities to explore possible educational and career fields as well as the requirements that accompany their desired postsecondary educational or career program. Some of the opportunities include college visits, work experiences, apartment skill-based learning, portfolio development, interest inventories, surveys, and job shadowing. The Danville Area School District transition program partners with several local businesses to provide our students with the best opportunities to gain real life experience prior to their transition to postsecondary education, employment, and independent living.

    Transition also incorporates informational sessions that will help parents, guardians, and students plan for future resources that will assist the students in becoming adult citizens within our community. Some of the informational sessions will incorporate information from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Mental Health Service Workers, and local service providers.

    We look forward to working with each of you as you prepare to embark in your transition from high school to postsecondary education, employment, and independent living. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the information listed below.

    Further resources that may be helpful for parents or guardians are listed below.

    Parent Education Network (PEN):

    Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR):

    Danville Area School District
    Amy Willoughby,Transition Coordinator
    High School Transition Office: (570) 271-3268 Ext: 1139

    1“Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow: Opportunity, Possibility, Action.” Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania Community on Transition Conference. Harrisburg, PA. 24 July 2013.