Gifted Education

  • Mission Statement

    The Danville Area School District is an alliance of family, school, and community committed to educational  excellence and life success.  Building the future one learner at a time.

    Instructional Model for all Students

    1. Ensuring Collaborative Goal Setting

    2. Establishing Nonnegotiable Goals for Achievement and Instruction

    3. Creating Board Alignment with and Support of District Goals

    4. Monitoring Achievement and Instructional Goals

    5. Allocating Resources to Support the Goals for Achievement and Instruction

    Mentally Gifted

    Student has an IQ of 130+ and other factors, such as:

    -  1+ years achievement beyond grade level

    -  Accelerated acquisition and retention rates

    -  Expertise/Intense interest in one or more academic areas

    -  Higher level thinking skills

    -  Outstanding intellectual and creative ability

    -  Cannot be based on IQ alone,  students with scores lower than 130 are not automatically disqualified

     Referral Process

    Þ Any team, teacher, or parent can refer a child to be screened for gifted education

    Þ Individuals referring a student for gifted education must complete a Gifted Referral Form (available in Guidance)

    Gifted Opportunities

    An Individualized Education Plan is developed by gifted facilitators to meet the gifted learners’ needs (K-12).

    Sample Opportunities:

    -Course enrichment/acceleration (K-12)

    -Individual projects (K-12)

    -Supplemental vocabulary (K-12)

    -Stock Market game (3-8)

    -Writing articles for student newspaper (3-8)

    -Odyssey of the Mind (6-8)

    -Independent Studies (9-12)