About Me

  • I received my Master's in Education and my teaching certification at Bloomsburg University, and received my bachelor’s degree in the field of mathematics from Messiah College, Pennsylvania.

    Although I love teaching your children math, my interests are many, including art, music, movies, and literature.

    Art is a very important part of my life, its relation to math being of particular interest to me.  (I bet you math students didn't know how important math is to art...)  My main artistic passion is photography. 

    Volleyball is not an interest, but an integral aspect of my world. :)  I look forward to playing against many of you at each year's Carl J. Marrara volleyball tournament!

    My greatest passion, however, is my family - my wonderful husband, our 6-yr-old daughter, 4.5-yr-old son, 3-yr-old son, and 1-yr-old daughter.