Honors Botany

  • 918A                  Honors Botany                                               Grades 10 - 12

    1.0 Credit                     Rank 2                     6 days per cycle

    This Honors level course will expose students to the thrilling world of plants. Students will work on major projects and problems similar to those faced by modern plant scientists through a variety of exciting activities and projects. Most lessons have a teamwork focus with students working on collaborative research and lab experiments. Units of study will include: Worlds of Opportunity, Mineral Soils, Soilless Systems, Anatomy and Physiology, Taxonomy, The Growing Environment, Sexual Reproduction, Asexual Reproduction, and Surviving a Harsh Environment. Based on the inquiry based instructional model STEM, this course will develop a diverse set of skills and problem solving techniques that can be used in all areas of study.

    (Botany may be used as a science credit.)