Can I join if I never skied or snowboarded before?  Yes. Now is a great time to learn a life-long family sport. 

    If I am a ski club member do I have to go on every trip? NO, You are considered a ski club member if you attend one trip.

    What happens if I don't have my own equipment? You can rent ski and snowboard equipment at every resort.  It is a good idea to rent until you know that this is the sport for you. Also, check out our ski swap page to find used equipment to fit you.

    What should I wear? Warm, moisture-wicking underclothes, ski pants, ski jacket, waterproof gloves/mittens, hats, scarves, face masks, and wool socks (NOT cotton). If you choose, you may want to bring a change of clothing for the ride home.

    Do I need a helmet? YES! MOST people are wearing helmets on the ski slopes. Helmets are available at the rental shop.

    Do I need goggles? Goggles help to keep your eyes and part of your face blocked from the wind.  They also help your visibility in falling snow or glare.

    DO I NEED WRIST Guards? Boarders need wrist guards  

    Is my bus money refundable if I cannot make a trip?  Bus money is refundable if we are able to fill your empty seat. TELL us ASAP if you cannot attend.  We rely on this to pay for the bus.

    What if, the morning of the trip, and I am not feeling well or something else has come up and I need to miss?  Contact your adviser ASAP.  We need to know that morning that you won't be coming.

    Can my family attend the ski trips?  YES!  We love to have families join us!  We will see that they receive the group rate, as well.

    Can my family ride the bus?  Yes, if we have any remaining seats they can be filled by family members. This is usually not a problem. 

    If the bus is full can I still go?  If YOUR parents transport you.

    When do I pay for the trip?  Reservation slips and your $15 (cash) are due the Wednesday before the trip. Lift ticket, rental and lesson money (CASH) is collected on the day of the trip, on the bus. Remember...CASH ONLY!!!

    When/where can I eat? Food is available at all resorts at a premium price. You may bring your own cooler of food and drinks.  Eat whenever you are hungry! 

    Where do I keep my stuff at the lodge? There is unsecured space in the lodges, and personal lockers are available that you can rent for a fee of $0.50 to $2.00 (quarters only).

    Should I bring extra money?  Yes, if you want to buy something at the food area or the gift shop.  KEEP YOUR MONEY ON YOU IN A SAFE PLACE AT ALL TIMES!

    *any other ?s or concerns, feel free to contact us!