School Health Services



    First Aid/Nursing Care

    Nursing care is available for first aid, acute illnesses, managing chronic health conditions, and medical situations.  The school nurse follows up health issues with parents, health care providers, and staff as needed.  Parents/guardians, as well as students are encouraged to contact the school nurse with any health care questions or concerns that may affect student’s learning or school attendance.



    Vision Screenings:  Vision screenings are performed yearly on all students, per state regulations.  Also, a student may be tested at any time during the year if the nurse, parent/guardian or a teacher has concerns.

    Growth & Development:  Heights, Weights, and Body Mass Indexes (BMIs), per state regulations, are completed yearly on every student.   Results are sent home to parents/guardians.

    Hearing Screenings:  Hearing screenings are performed yearly on all students, per state regulations, in grades kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 11th.  Also, a student may be tested at any time or grade if the nurse, parent/guardian or teacher has concerns.

    Scoliosis Screenings:  Scoliosis screenings, per state regulations, are performed on all students in grades 6th and 7th.  This screening may be omitted if a physical examination has been performed by an MD with results returned to school.

                **Parents/guardians will be notified if any health problems are found. Physician follow-up documentation about any referral should be returned to the nurse office ASAP.

    Physical Examinations: Required for all students in grades, kindergarten, sixth and eleventh.

    Dental Examinations:  required for all students in grades kindergarten, third and seventh.


    Immunization requirements

    Written proof of immunization must be provided to the district and will be reviewed by the school nurse.  If the immunizations are not complete, based on the requirements of the Department of Health, the student may not be permitted to start school.