Classroom News


    Our first day of school will be Monday August 26. Drop-offs and pick-ups are in the back of the building near the playground. Please park and walk your child to the door nearest the Head Start wing. (Parents are not permitted entry at this door.)

    Class starts at 9 am. The children will sign in and have breakfast. We will be learning about the rules of the classroom and playing with new toys. Weather permitting we will play outside everyday. Sneakers or close-toe shoes that can be secured on the feet are the best shoes for running and climbing on the equipment.

    We will eat lunch in the cafeteria at 11:15. Food is served family-style with the children passing serving dishes. After lunch there will be more playtime.

    Play is the work of children. The play that is done throughout the day is planned with specific goals in mind. Children learn through repetition and practice.

    Dismissal is at 2 pm.