Rube Goldberg Challenge

  • WHAT IS A RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE: A Rube Goldberg Machine is a crazy contraption which accomplishes a simple task in the most complicated – and funniest – way possible!  A Rube Goldberg Machine Contest is an event where students compete with the machines they have imagined, designed and created in a fun and competitive forum. The competitions encourage teamwork and out-of-the-box problem solving, in a fresh learning environment and level playing field. Remember, to compete in a RGMC all you need is a good imagination and a pile of junk!

    WHEN: Held April on a SATURDAY!

    WHERE: Central Columbia Elementary School

    WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: All grades (must be motivated workers)

    TEAM SIZE: Challenge allows the first 18 teams of 4 from any school to register 

    TIME COMMITMENT: 30 DAYS OR MORE.  Can work at the school or on your own.

    COSTS: Club covers entrance fee.  Team members supply materials.  STEM classroom will provide what it can. 

    HOW IT WORKS:  Teams will construct a Rube Goldberg Machine out of recycled materials.  The machine must perform a task.  Example: open an umbrella, pour a glass of water.

    AWARDS: Ceremony immediately following

    Winners of the competition will be announced immediately following the competition.

    All competitors will receive awards of participation and other prizes which they will receive at the awards ceremony.