My Blog


    My name is Peggy Dimmick. I grew up in a little town 60 miles southeast of Erie, PA. I am the oldest of five children and the only girl. My parents and three of my brothers still live in my hometown. I came to Danville in 1975 when I married my husband Pete. We have one son Bob who is 27 and lives at home with us. We all enjoy Penn State football and Phillies baseball. I have a Bichon-Poodle mix dog named McGuyver. In my spare time I like to scrapbook, read, and watch TV.

    I am an RN and I have worked at Geisinger both in the operating room and as a Tel-e-Nurse. I left nursing to study for my teaching degree at Bloomsburg University.

    I have been with Head Start since 1994. I did my student teaching there. Additionally I have been a home visitor/teacher, center-based teacher, and the Heath/Disabilities Specialist.

    Recently I have discovered traveling. My last trip was to Ireland and my next trip will be to Rome.