School-Wide Positive Behavior


    Liberty Valley Intermediate School will continue its PBIS Program for the 2022-2023 school year. This comprehensive program is designed to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors in all of our students. The name of Liberty Valley’s PBIS program is called “Forging Your BEST Self!”


    As many of our parents and students know, the town of Danville has a proud and storied history involving the manufacturing of the first T-rail in the United States. The rolling of the first T-rail back in 1845 at the Montour Iron Works of Danville has inspired the faculty and staff to choose the new name and theme of our PBIS program. The word “forging” was chosen to encourage our students to actively forge or create their BEST self - and ultimately the BEST school - by striving to achieve the core goals of the program…


    illustration of realistic retro signboard letter B. Stock Vector - 42500064 e Respectful

    illustration of realistic retro signboard letter E. Stock Vector - 42499896 ncourage Kindness

    illustration of realistic retro signboard letter S. Stock Vector - 42499857 afety 1st

    illustration of realistic retro signboard letter T. Stock Vector - 42499692 ry Your Hardest

    Starting on the very first day of school, students will begin to learn what these four core goals are and how to demonstrate them throughout all areas of our school including the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, bathrooms, recess areas, and even on the school bus. The faculty and staff of Liberty Valley will continue to teach and review the components of the new PBIS program throughout the school year.


    Teachers and staff members will actively recognize and acknowledge appropriate behavior by saying something positive to the student and giving him/her a “BESTie” Ticket. The student then will cut the ticket, keep the top portion to take home to show his or her parents/guardians, and drop the bottom portion of the ticket in a bucket for a chance to win some cool prizes throughout the school year.


    In addition to the tickets, teachers will be recognizing students who best demonstrate their BEST self over the course of each school quarter. These students will be recognized in front of their peers, be given a certificate of recognition, have their photo displayed in a prominent area of the school, and be invited to a pizza luncheon with the principal.