All About Mrs. Miller

  • Hi!  I am Mrs. Miller and I want to welcome you to my classroom.  Here is a little about myself:

    I was born and raised in Berwick, PA.  As a child I always played school. I would make my sister be the student and I was always the teacher!   I believe this is where I began to know that teaching would be my career!

    I graduated Berwick High School in 1987.  I immediatley went to Bloomsburg University to pursue my dream of being an educator.  I graduated Bloomsburg University in December of 1990 with my my Dual Certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  Upon graduation, I began to substitute teach in the Berwick and Danville districts.  I then was hired in Danville to be a First Grade teacher at Liberty Valley Elementary School.  I taught first grade for a few years and then was asked to try the concept of "Looping".  This is when you keep the same class for two years.  I then was a first and second grade teacher.  I enjoyed looping as I enjoyed working with my students and their families for two years.  I then decided it was time for a change so I began teaching full day Kindergarten.  I taught Kindergarten for many years and loved it.  I recently took a position teaching First Grade again and this is my favorite grade to teach!!!!  I love watching my students learn.  The growth from the beginning to the end of the year is amazing.  My total years of teaching in the Danville Area School District is 23 years. 

    I currently live in Berwick with my daughter Gianna and our yellow lab Claire.  Gianna and I love spending time together.  We especially love shopping, going to the beach, and going to Disney World!

    Danville Area School District is a progressive district which I am so honored to work in!