• AP language and composition

    2020-2021 school year

    Welcome to the AP lang and composition. Give yourself a pat on the back! You worked super hard to get here, and I'm super proud of you!  

    We will be studying non-fiction material - almost exclusively.  I do love some fiction texts though, and they can have a good deal to say about the times too, so we will study Upton Sinclair's The Jungle - I can't wait to see how many of you still eat sausage after that book - Into the Wild - we will examine how brutal nature can be -, and finally The Adventures of Huck Finn - love Sammy Clemens. We will make it work ♥

    You will definitely become an excellent critical reader and writer, but you will have to sell your soul to do it. You will have to devote your own time - that you might otherwise have spent on social activities - outside of class. There are daily readings that you must do (because I love making reading quizzes - insert maniacal laugh here). While it may be tough to give an online quiz - in the event of school closure - I will find a way to do reading checks. I have your home phone numbers :) Your grade will suffer tremendously if you don't keep up with the reading. We use all the readings as the building blocks for writing and discussion topics in class the next day - come to all lessons prepared. Your peers will judge and possibly shame you if you don't have the reading done. Don't be a slacker!

    Student participation is a must. If you are not an active participant in class, you are not doing your part and are not learning to your full capacity. You are also not growing at the same speed as your peers who are contributing. Don't be shy - we all want to hear what you have to say! It's important! It may even be more important than what I have to say - probably not, but you never know (playin'!).  

    Be prepared to read and write a lot!  This is a college level class - for which you receive three college credits with a score of three or higher on the national exam (four and higher for private universities).  If you are not prepared for a college level class as a junior or senior in high school, wait till you get to college.  

    Three new writing strategies are required to learn and practice continuously to achieve proficiency and excellence.  You cannot do one essay and think you're an expert.  Writing is a process.  I have a masters in English, and I am constantly revising and improving my writing. It's what excellent writers do! Dig in! 

    Most of all, make the experience a fun one! We do a plethora of fun activities of which you may show your personality, humor, and creativity. My door is always open if you need assistance, have a question or a suggestion, or just would like to have a little reassurance.  

    Now, let's get out there and slay this year and earn fives!  


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