Keystone English 10

  • Welcome to Keystone English!

    First, we are going to have a great time learning how to approach literature and how to analyze it as well as write critically about it!  

    Second, no matter what you believe, it's the truth. If you believe you are smart and will do well, you will. I believe you are all superstars and will thrive in Keystone English 10 this year! I'm not wrong :)  

    Lastly, no test is on your own until the Keystone exam. I am here as a resource, so ask me questions. Argue with the text and me when you believe you have the right answer. Show me textual evidence to support your rational. I want to see your proof; this is an important part of your learning. You will become an excellent analyzer by questioning everything and by providing proof and logic. Don't ever just sit quietly when you believe you are correct. Show me!  

    Most of all, have fun with the class. Learning is a social activity. You will all be encouraged to listen to multiple perspectives and share your own. As a result, you will grow and develop a bigger schema in your brain. Trust me, you will be a well rounded individual for doing so! 

    We will work from The Language of Literature and the various short stories, poetry ♥, essays, plays, speeches, and graphics included in the text.   

    Additionally, we will sometimes visit BTE!  

    Novels of study include Fahrenheit 451, American Born Chinese, andOf Mice and Men. We will also study a few plays including Antigone- one of my favs!  

    The possibilities for learning this year are endless. Who knows what additional materials we can get to if we don't have any snow days (fingers crossed)!  

    Finally, see me if you are lost, struggling, or just need any kind of advice or just someone to listen.  

    Enjoy the year!