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    Oh snap!  I'm your class advisor for four years of your academic high school career.  

    Things you should know - I'm a super competent English teacher, but I've never been a class advisor (not really a benefit to you yet).  I'm here every day until about 4:30, so you have access to me until then every day - except on Fridays; occasionally, I like to get out of here by 4:00 - your loss - sorry.  I am super committed to learning how to be the best class advisor. I have this competitive nature, so I have to be the best - that is a benefit to you - score!  

    Okay, so seriously, we have a ton of work to do. One, we have to elect officers.  Come see me if your interested! Like yesterday.  

    Next, we have to fundraise. My first career was sales; I'm pushy. I will push you to raise funds. You must raise money for prom and your senior class trip. Where are you thinking? Las Vegas?  NYC? Paris? London? Knobles? It all depends on your ambition. Let's be excellent fund raisers! I have some good ideas and am eager to hear your brilliant minds chime too - which are probably better than mine, but I am a good nagger/motivator. You will raise money :)