Class of 2021

Class of 2021 information


    Join the Google Classroom with the code ffrtem. 

    Blikity Blau!  I'm your class advisor for the last and greatest year of your academic high school career.  

    Things you should know - We are awesome!

    Things you should do - Let's make this the greatest year for all! The greatest you can be is to be kind - set an example for the underclassmen.

    Things about me - I'm here every day until about 3:30, so you have access to me until then every day - except on Fridays - I like to leave when you do!  I am super committed to being the best class advisor. I have this competitive nature, so I have to be the best - that is a benefit to you - score!  

    Your officers are: Matt Maffei - president; Kevin Dempsey - vice president; Paige Holcombe - webmaster, public relations, amazing; Andrew Johnson - money man; Ben Bulger - recording history 

    We have raised a lot of money. Let's make a name for your class with all this loot! Talk about how you want your legacy to be remembered at DHS!