Amy Willoughby- Transition Services


    All About Me

    Hello!  My name is Amy Willoughby, and I am very excited to be a part of the Danville Area School District!  My journey into education began about 15 years ago.  I was set out to California to do an internship.  I was studying Human Development, and was focusing on children, youth and family services at Penn State University.  I began to work in a residential treatment facility, which had a school component as a part of their program.  For the next four months, I was in the classroom, working with students who were placed in the treatment center because of behavior problems.  The teacher I worked with was amazing.  She showed me that there was more to being a teacher.  It was not just about delivering information from a book, it was about compassion, caring, and being a part of children’s lives.  After returning and graduating, I worked as a Therapeutic Staff Support for about 4 years.  I was quickly place with many children who were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorders. I knew I need to go back to school to work with children in a different capacity.  Remembering my internship, I began to take classes in Special Education at Bloomsburg University.  During my student teaching I had the opportunity to be in an Autism Support Classroom, right here in Danville!  I knew where I wanted to be after that experience.  I was placed with another wonderful teacher.  After graduating, I began working with the CSIU as an Autistic Support teacher.  After six and a half years with the CSIU, I made the decision to make a move to the Danville Area School District. I couldn’t be more honored. I feel blessed to be a teacher at Danville. Every day I spend with my students is another day I realize how lucky I am.