• Danville Middle School

    At Danville Middle School, we take our role in the middle years of education very seriously as we prepare students for study at high school and beyond.  In addition to a strong focus on academic achievement, we strive to prepare career-ready, community-minded citizen-students who are better prepared for life after middle school.

    DMS is comprised of approximately 500 students in grades 6-8.  Students at each grade level are divided into two teams, the Orange and the Purple for their core classes.  In addition to the standard academic areas, students are exposed to a variety of “specials” including Art, STEM, Robotics, Music, Physical Education, and Health throughout their three years in attendance.  Qualifying students can choose to study Spanish as early as 6th grade, and we offer several classes for students in need of academic support.  8th-grade students have additional options to study Astronomy, Guitar, and News Media as part of their elective rotation, and each grade level has its own band and chorus.  In 6th grade, every student is assigned a Chromebook for their three years of study at DMS.

    Social and emotional changes are the norm in middle school.  As such, DMS employs two full-time school counselors and one behavior interventionist who maintain an active Student Assistance Program to help students through these challenges.  Please refer to the middle school handbook or call the main office to inquire about support as the need arises.

    Extra-curricular offerings include the National Junior Honor Society, Chess Club, Odyssey of the Mind, Art Club, Spanish Club, and Drama Club.  In 7th and 8th grade, students can choose to participate in a variety of PIAA-sanctioned sports including soccer, football, girl’s lacrosse, basketball, wrestling, field hockey, cross country, and track and field.  We maintain an active cheerleading squad that supports multiple sports throughout the year. 

    Centrally located in Danville, the middle school is easily accessible by foot and bike.  In fact, many students choose to take these alternate forms of transportation in a community that is safe and supportive.  Bicycle racks are located at the main entrance to the building for student convenience and safety.

    Families considering enrolling a student at DMS are welcome to contact us at any time for a tour and we encourage “shadowing” a student for a day during the school year.  We are confident that you will find our school to be a challenging, nurturing, and student-minded community that strives for excellence in all we do! 

    At DMS….

    • we focus on a standards-aligned system of instruction.
    • we believe all children can learn and succeed.
    • we believe that every child must be able to learn at his/her own pace.
    • we provide a variety of differentiated activities focused on educating the whole child.
    • our teachers will modify and adjust to meet the needs of the students.
    • we are committed to high-quality communication between the home and school.