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  • June 2, 2020

    To my students-

    I want to thank all my students for sticking with me throughout our immersion into online learning-I truly appreciate your willingness to work and your flexibility-THANK YOU!

    Special "shout-outs":

    Senior Spring Sociology-I enjoyed all of our discussions and your analysis-very disappointed we were not able to discuss criminology and social stratification in person. Best wishes for your next chapter!

    World Cultures-Map tests proved too difficult remotely-did not receive one complaint about that!  Missed our international food sharing but I was so impressed by your European Concert Tours you all created!  I hope to see you next year in Psych/Soc!

    U.S. History-we snuck that trip to Washington, D.C. in! One of my favorite highlights of the year with all of you!  Your essays were amazing! Kudos to Paige S.! You all have a strong foundation in the history of your country--apply that knowledge next year in Gov't/Econ. See you in the Fall!

    I wish you a safe and relaxing summer!  Remember that well informed citizens keep our democracy strong so exercise your civic duty and stay tuned to the local, national, and world news-this is YOUR town, country, and world.  

    All my best!!!!

    Mrs. Blansfield


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