Social Studies Department


    Welcome to Mrs. Reidinger's Web Page

    Dear Students and Parents:

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  I am very excited to be working with you and your children.   This school year I will be teaching 7th grade social studies which focuses on a continuation of the 6th grade program of world history and 8th grade social studies which is a study of early American History.  In both grade level courses we will be utilizing the Chromebooks almost on a daily basis.  Please help us by making sure that your child remembers to charge it and bring it to school everyday.  This web page will also be a place where students can come to for help and resources it will also contain links to projects and research. I will be setting up most of my information though the Google applications on the Chromebooks as well. Most important, please use the calendar on this page to look for assignments in class along with due dates.  I will also be using the Remind App that you can download and receive alerts to your phone or email about up coming events in class.  You may pick up this form from your child.  Please at any time if you have questions or concerns please either send me a quick email or call.  Below is my schedule in case you need to reach me.   I am looking forward to a wonderful school year! 


    Mrs. Reidinger's Schedule:

    Period 1 Social Studies 8  7:53 - 8:36
    Period 2 Prep  8:38 - 9:21
    Period 3 Social Studies 8  9:23 - 10:06
    Period 4 Social Studies 7  10:08 - 10:51
    Period 5A Social Studies 8  10:53 - 11:36
    Period 6B Lunch Duty  11:38 - 12:08
    Lunch   12:23 - 12:53
    Period 7 Social Studies 8  12:55 - 1:38
    Period 8 Social Studies 7  1:40 - 2:23
    Period 9 WIN 8th Grade  2:25 - 3:00



    My Course Descriptions

    7th Grade World History

    The 7th grade social studies course traces the history of Europe from Ancient Rome through the French Revolution and America's colonial development. 

    This course will help students gain an understanding of cause and effect of chronological events in history. Students will also learn to reasearch from various sources applying concepts and demonstrating understanding of those concepts through various projects, writings, and assessments.


    8th Grade American History

    The 8th grade social studies course is designed to provide students with the necessary understanding of United States history, beginning with the nation’s struggle for independence and concluding with the Reconstruction era following the Civil War.  The course will provide students with a basic understanding of the structure and function of both the federal and state government systems.

    This course will also help students develop the analytical skills needed to assess historical events and documents, understand the cause and effect relationships that occur throughout history, and make relevant connections between past and present in relation to events, politics, and society.