• Liberty Valley Elementary is asking that volunteers fill out a Volunteer Application, Confidentiality Agreement and obtain clearances.  The application can be found here and the confidentiality agreement can be found here. Everything can be turned in to the office.  

    All volunteers must complete and submit the volunteer application form every school year.  If you have previously submitted your security clearances, they are valid for 5 years. 

    Volunteers are required to obtain:

    • Child Abuse History Clearance Online (Free)
    • Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check form (Free)

     and recommended to obtain:


    Steps to start PA child abuse clearance


    1. Create individual account
    2. Access my clearances
    3. Continue
    4. Login
    5. Create clearance application
    6. Choose- Volunteer Having Contact with Children: Applying for the purpose of volunteering as an adult for an unpaid position as a volunteer with a child-care service, a school or a program, activity or service, as a person responsible for the child's welfare or having direct volunteer contact with children.
    7. Enter Other as volunteer category and Danville Primary as agency name. 
    8. Complete online application. 
    9. Print clearance and return to office. 

    Steps to start PA Criminal Record Check


    1. Choose New Record Check (Volunteers Only)
    2. Complete online application. 
    3. Print clearance and return to office. 

     To begin the FBI background check, go to:  www.pa.cogentid.com//index_dpw.htm