General Information

    Danville Area School District strives to provide safe transportation for all students. All students will be assigned one AM pickup and one PM drop off location.


    Bus Discipline

    Students are the first and primary responsibility of the drivers. The school bus driver shall be responsible for the discipline of students while they are being transported. All cases of misconduct will be reported by the driver to the building principal where disciplinary action will be determined. Parents are encouraged to review with their children the attached document titled “Don’t Lose Your Riding Privilege!”


    Request for an Emergency Bus/Stop Change

    To request an emergency bus/stop change, the attached “Temporary Request for Bus Change” form must be completed and submitted to the building principal. Your request will be considered and you will be notified as to whether or not your request was approved or denied. Please keep in mind that there is no entitlement to have any request granted.

    *Only requests to change a student’s bus stop to an already existing bus stop will be considered. No new bus stops will be created due to a special request.


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