• Welcome to Danville Primary School!

    We are so glad to welcome your child to our school!

    Here is some information that will help you & your child get a positive start!

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    Morning Arrival

    How do I know when and where my child will get on the bus in the morning?
    When you register your student for school at the administration office (which is at 733 Ironmen Lane, Danville, PA 17821), you will be given a paper that tells you the number of their bus, when the bus will pick your child up to take them to school, and where they should wait for it.

    How do I know which bus my child will be riding?
    Your child’s bus will have a number displayed on the side by the door where they will enter.  It’s important to remember that number.

    If I drive my child to school in the morning, what time can I drop my child off?
    You will be able to drop your child off beginning at 7:35 AM.

    If I drive my child to school in the morning, where do I drop my child off?
    You will use the access road between the school and the playground to drop your child off between 7:35 AM and 8:15 AM each school day.

    How will my child know where to go when I drop him/her off?
    A staff member will guide your child to their classroom to ensure that all students arrive at their classrooms safely.  If your child is going to breakfast, staff will guide your child to and from the cafeteria and then to their classroom.

    Can I walk my child to his/her classroom?
    Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us.  To ensure the safety of your child and other children being dropped off, we ask all parents to remain in the car and allow the school staff to assist your child as they exit your car and enter school.  


    When does the school day begin?
    Each school day begins promptly at 8:15 AM. In the event of inclement weather, please refer to the school website: www.danville.k12.pa.us.

    What is the earliest time my child can arrive at school?
    Your child can arrive as early as 7:35 AM and will be directed to the large group area.  They will be permitted to enter their classroom at 7:50 AM.

    If my child has an appointment, do I need to get an excuse?
    We ask parents/guardians to submit all doctor’s excuses to the main office staff upon your child returning to school.  Please include the name of your child’s teacher on all excuses. Notes sent in with your child should be given to your child’s teacher and will be sent to the main office by their classroom teacher.

    What happens if my child is late to school?
    If your child is late to school, you will be asked to walk them into the building and sign them in at the main office before they will be permitted to go to their classroom.

    How do I notify the school if my child is absent or has an appointment?
    If your child is absent or will be late due to an appointment, please contact the attendance line at (570) 271-3268, extension 2290.

    Do I need to send in an excuse for days that my child was absent?
    Each day that your child is absent will be marked unexcused unless a note is sent in with your child addressing the absence.  Excuses from appointments as well as parent notes will ensure that your child’s absence will be marked excused.  

    Throughout the day

    If my child has something they cannot carry can I drop it off at the school? If so, where?
    If your child has something that they are unable to carry to school, you can drop it off at the main office during school hours.  We will make sure that the items are delivered to your child’s classroom.

    Will my child have an opportunity to eat breakfast at school?
    Every morning, every child will have an opportunity to eat breakfast at school.

    What does my child do when they arrive at school?
    The school doors open at 7:35 AM. All students arriving between 7:35 AM and 7:50 AM will meet in a large group area.  At 7:50 AM, students will be dismissed to their classrooms.

    How can I best contact my child’s teacher?
    Each teacher may have his/her own preference when it comes to communication with parents.  Any teacher can be contacted by calling (570)271-3268 Option 8, Option 4 during school hours and leaving a message. Or, you are welcome to send your child’s teacher an email.

    How does my child get their lunch?
    When it is time for lunch, each classroom walks together to the cafeteria.  If you pack your child’s lunch, they are permitted to immediately sit at their designated tables.  If your child buys their lunch, they will be assisted through the lunch line and then to their classroom table.

    What if my child forgets their lunch at home?
    If your child forgets their lunch, they will always be permitted to purchase a school lunch.  No child is ever refused lunch and will be able to select from the items on the daily menu.

    Where will my child sit while eating lunch?
    Your child will sit with students from his/her class for lunch each day.

    In case of an emergency, how do I reach the school?
    The best way to reach the main office at DPS is by calling (570) 271-3268 Option 8, Option 4 and speaking with Mrs. Shaffer or Mrs. Brady.

    How does my child move from one area in the building to another during the school day?
    Each class will travel together with an adult throughout the building.  Whether it is going to lunch, recess, or specials, your child will be with his/her class.

    Will my child get recess every day?
    Recess is an important part of the child’s school day both physically and socially.  As weather permits, we will go outside. Please dress your child for safety and comfort.

    Can my child bring an electronic device or cell phone to school?
    We strongly discourage DPS students from bringing electronic devices or cell phones to school.

    What do I need to do if my child needs a change of clothes at school?
    We encourage parents to send a change of clothes in your child’s backpack teacher at the beginning of the school year. Please replace or exchange those clothes in the event of use or changes of season.

    What “specials” are offered at Danville Primary School?
    At Danville Primary School, we operate on a 6 day cycle. Your child will be participate in each of the following classes once each cycle:

    • Art
    • Guidance
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Spanish
    • Technology (Grades 1 and 2)/Library (Kindergarten) 


    Health Concerns

     When do I not send my child to school?
    Please do not sent your child to school with any of the following health concerns:

    • Fever of 100.0 F or greater without fever reducing medication
    • Repeated vomiting or diarrhea in the past 12 hours
    • Pink Eye: red, itchy eyes with green or yellow discharge but NO allergy symptoms
    • ANY illness where the child is not able function normally in the classroom without pain/discomfort. Such illnesses may include but not limited to: severe sore throat, excessive cough, headache, earache, or stomachache
    • Injuries or surgical procedures that require narcotic medication prior to or during the school day

    Who do I contact if my child is not feeling well, but seems well enough to come to school?
    If your child does not have the symptoms listed above but still does not feel well or you have administered any over-the-counter fever or pain reducing medications prior to school, please contact the school nurse. 

    How will I be notified if my child becomes ill during the school day and needs to come home?
    Keeping your child’s Emergency Card contact information up-to-date is necessary for the school nurse to be able to contact you or an alternate person if you are unavailable. If you (or anyone listed on the Emergency Card) has a change in contact information, please call the school office with this information.

    Whom do I contact if my child has a health care need that needs to be addressed while at school?
    Occasionally your child’s health care provider may request your child receive nurse provided care while at school or your child be excused from participating in certain activities due to an illness or injury.  Please contact the school nurse with any of these occurrences.

    What do I need to do if my child needs medicine while at school?
    Your child’s Emergency Card enables you to choose over-the-counter medications that the school nurse may administer if needed.  Other medications require the completion of a Medication Permit with a MD/OD/PA/NP signature for administration.  ALL medications need to be brought to school by an adult and unused portions picked up by an adult. Medicines are not to be carried by a student.  Please contact the school nurse with any questions or for the required forms.


    Dismissal Procedures

     What time does the school day end?
    Dismissal begins at approximately 3:10 PM starting with first run busses.  Parents picking their children up can expect their child to exit the school between 3:10 PM and 3:20 PM.

    What time will my child’s bus arrive home?
    Specific information as to expected bus arrival time can be obtained by calling the Danville Area School District Transportation Office.  You can reach the transportation office at (570) 271-3268, Option 4, Option 5.

    Where do I pick up my child at school?
    Students who are being picked up by their parents will dismiss from the back of the building near the playground.  Kindergarten and first grade students are dismissed from the back doors closest to the Danville High School access road.  Second grade students can be picked up by the back doors closest to the baseball field.

    What time do I pick my child up at school?
    Parents picking their children up can expect their child to be ready to exit the school between 3:10 PM and 3:20 PM.

     Where do I park when I pick my child up from school?
    If you are planning to pick your child up from school at the end of the day, please park in the D parking lot behind the school and walk to the rear doors to sign your child out.

    What do I need to bring with me to pick my child up from school?
    It is our priority to keep students safe at all times and make sure that all children are going home the proper way and with the proper adult.  Therefore, please always have identification with you in case it is requested.

    How do I let the school know if there is a transportation change for my child?
    Students will only have one AM and one PM bus stop throughout the school year. Any type of emergency bus change will require completing the request form and submitting it to the principal and transportation coordinator for approval. This may take several days to be processed.

    If you have the need to pick your child up rather than having them ride their bus on a specific day, please send a note with your child’s teacher and contact the Danville Primary School office at 570-271-3268, Opt. 8, Opt. 4 by 12:00 PM. Parents picking their children up can expect their child to be ready to exit the school between 3:10 PM and 3:20 PM.