• DASD Parent Portal Help (Sapphire Community Web Portal)

    It is important to know that the Community Web Portal account is different than the account used to register a student.  See the Online Registration Help for guides on student registration (HERE).

    Creating an account (Video tutorial)

    1. Click on Parents (left menu) on the district homepage
    2. Click on the Parent Portal link
    3. Click Create a Sapphire Community Portal Account (below login button)
    4. Put in Ironmen as the keyword
    5. Follow all the prompts to complete the online account registration process (you must have a valid email address and you must print the completed form, sign it, date it, and deliver it to the DASD Administrative Office for validation - email, mail, or hand deliver)
    6. You will receive an email upon submitting the online application amd you will receive a second email when the account is approved and finalized.

    Direct Link - DASD Parent Portal

    Email Address for signed form : registrar@danvillesd.org

    Address for signed form:
    Attn: Christine Freeman
    Danville area School District
    733 Ironmen Lane
    Danville PA, 17821

    Phone Number: (570) 271-3268 Ext. 1000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This section provides answers to users' common problems. If you have a question, check here first. Chances are someone else has already asked it!

    Why should I sign up for a Parent Portal account?
    It is critical as a parent to have a Community Web Portal account.  It is a one stop location to get DASD information about your child and in the near future will be the only location to change information, sign summer forms, and get report cards (other than to go directly to the buildings).

    What if I forget my password?
    Click the Forgot your password? link on the Community Web Portal login page and type in your user name and the answer to your security question. Your new password will be emailed to your email address.

    How often is information on the Parent Portal updated?
    Information is updated in accordance with district policies.

    What student information will I have access to via the Parent Portal?
    The Community Web Portal allows parents to view any information deemed acceptable according to the school district's policies. Typical information available (but not limited to) through Sapphire Community Web Portal includes student schedule, report cards, progress reports, discipline, attendance, verification forms, on-demand forms, and building announcements.

    If my student changes schools within the district will I have to apply for a new account?
    No. Your account does not change with change of school. In fact, the parent would not have to change anything in their parent account from the time their student is in first grade until they graduate from high school.

    My spouse and I would like to have different accounts and different email addresses from which we will view our children's records. Is this possible?
    There is no restriction on the number of accounts (each based on a separate email address) that a family can have. Each account can have access to any number of children.

    What are all those cookie error messages about?
    If you can't log in to the Parent Portal, it may be because cookies are disabled in your web browser. A cookie is a small text file from a web site or computer that your web browser saves so that it can retrieve the information for use at a later time. Your web browser saves and retrieves cookies automatically, based on behind-the-scenes commands from web sites.  There are several types of cookies, and you can choose whether to allow some, none, or all of them to be saved on your computer. If you do not allow cookies at all, you may not be able to view some web sites.  Please see your browser's help resources for instructions to enable cookies.