• Purpose

    Communication is vital to ensuring that all stakeholders feel informed and prepared for all aspects of what takes place within their local school district.  This is why the Pennsylvania Department of Education recommends school districts have a proper communication plan for their appropriate district.


    In an effort to deliver a transparent and two-way form of communication with all the stakeholders in our school district, the Danville Area School District has created this Communication Plan as a guide for the different avenues of communication throughout the district. 


    This plan is going to be a working document so that we can integrate and stay up to date with all stakeholders in our community.  In light of this, the district will be continually reaching out to the community for input on how we can best communicate and keep our constituents informed of the different aspects of what is going on in the school district. 


  • Goals

    1. Deliver a clear and effective employee communication system that maintains internal communication with all our employees so that they are properly informed and are able to support the goals and mission of the school district 

    2. Deliver consistent, open, and district wide communications with parents, in order to inform and engage them with the district’s overall mission and vision
    3. Deliver meaningful, transparent two-way communication systems with the Danville community in order to engage and maintain positive relationships with our constituents

    4. Deliver meaningful communication with the school board members in order to support their efforts to engage and support our community

    5. Deliver a level of brand identity for the district that builds image and reputation, in order to maintain a sense of pride and unity in the community

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