How it Works

  • The Danville Area eLearning Academy keeps district students connected.

    Danville’s launch of a new innovative online learning cyber academy in 2013 has proven to be a huge success, with 27 school district students who were able to remain a part of their graduating class and participate in school district sports and activities as full time Danville eLearning Academy students for the 2013-14 school year. Seven of these students were graduating seniors and many were returning to the district from other cyber school providers, looking for a more personalized approach to their learning. 

    Both students and parents have provided feedback to the district about the positive atmosphere, sense of connectedness and the individual support for student assistance in the onsite technology lab.  

    In an effort to provide student centered services, full time cyber students have the option to work from home or at the onsite cyber lab. This innovative approach provides a unique opportunity to supplement online learning with study skills support, time management skills and structure in the online environment.

    Academically, students can participate in co-operative learning experiences, the ACE college program, take PSSA’s and Keystone exams onsite and graduate with a Danville High School diploma. Students have access to the school breakfast and lunch programs and district transportation.  Individual learning plans allow families to decide if their child should attend the onsite technology lab for educational and guidance supports or work from their home. Regardless of the choice, all students become a part of a personalized learning environment where community service, social outings and weekly academic updates provide unique opportunities for students to remain connected to their courses, and their community.

    For more information on this eLearning opportunity or to schedule a tour, please contact Mr. Christopher Johns at 570-271-3268 ext. 1014 or email