Ironman PRIDE Program

  • The faculty and staff are excited to kick off the Ironmen PRIDE Program this year at DAHS! The PRIDE program will look to recognize students who are:

    Teachers and staff members will be looking for students who demonstrate these characteristics in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, playing field, stage, court, etc. 

    As part of the PRIDE program, teachers and administrators will reward entire classrooms of students who demonstrate that they are on Time for class, Attentive, and Prepared. We call this the TAP program. 

    Our hope is to build a more positive, productive, and respectful culture at DAHS! Please help us in this goal. 

    We are forming a large committee of enthusiastic parents, students, teachers, and staff who would like to contribute to this initiative. If interested, please call or email Ms. Garman or Mr. Gump.

    - Ironmen PRIDE Committee