• Welcome to Danville Middle School!

    We are so glad to welcome you to our school!

    Here is some information that will help you get a positive start!

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    Getting To and From School


    How do I know when and where to get the bus in the morning?
    When your parent/guardian registers you for school at the administration office (which is at 733 Ironmen Lane, Danville, PA 17821), you will be given a paper that tells you the number of your bus, when the bus will pick you up to take you to school, and where to wait for it.

    How do I know which bus is mine?
    The number of the bus will be on the front of the bus. It’s important to remember that number.

    Where do I go to meet the bus at the end of the day?
    You need to go to the cafeteria or the gym where most students will be going. Look for your bus number and sit near it. There are adults there who will help you find your place if you’re unsure where to sit.

    If I am being dropped off or picked up by a family member, what door should I use?
    Students who arrive by car at the beginning of the day or who are being picked up by car at the end of the day need to use the door at the back of the school. A parent should turn right when they pull into the school and drive around to the back of the building. Please stay in the left lane to drop off/pick up a student. Other cars will be doing the same so they can just follow the traffic flow.

    What time can I arrive at school?
    The doors to the school open at 7:05, students are admitted to classrooms/lockers at 7:45, school officially begins at 7:49. 

    Can I walk to and from school?
    Sure. Just be very careful to cross the streets only at crosswalks, and be very careful walking through the school parking lot.

    Do I need to bring in my own computer?
    No. The school will give you a laptop computer, called a Chromebook, to use while you’re a student here. 

    Getting Organized

    Are there rules about using my Chromebook?
    You will receive a handout about what is acceptable use of your Chromebook is. You and your parent will need to sign a document to affirm that you have read and understand the usage guidelines.

    Does the Chromebook cost anything?
    No. The Chromebook is free to use but you’ll need to pay $20 for insurance for the year in case it gets broken. Your parent can write a check to “DASD” and turn it in to the office or you can bring cash and you will get a receipt for the money.

    What about charging my Chromebook?
    You should charge your Chromebook at home each night. Leave the charger at home and bring the Chromebook to school each day.

    What if my Chromebook breaks?
    If you have a problem with your Chromebook, take it to the library and our librarian will make sure that a technician fixes the problem.

    What else will I be given?
    You will be given a lock for your locker and an agenda. Your agenda is a notebook that contains monthly calendars and spaces for each day where you can write your assignments. In the front of the agenda, there is information about when we’ll have days off from school, what our behavior expectations are, and other important information. If you need to leave class to go to your locker or to the nurse or to the restroom, a teacher will need to sign your agenda so you need to keep it with you during the day.

    Is there anything else that I need?
    You should bring some pencils and at least two 3-ring binders. They don’t need to be any wider than 1 inch. It would be good to have at least 4 folders as well.

    Getting Around at School

    What time do I need to be in school?
    Students will be admitted to their classes at 7:35. Attendance will be taken at 7:39.

    What time does school end?
    School ends at 3:00. 

    How will I know where my classes are?
    You will be given a map of the school. A student will also be helping you on the first day to make sure you know where to go in the building. 

    When will I get a schedule?
    You will get a schedule on the very first day. It will tell you what classes you’ll be attending and when they meet. Your locker number and combination will be at the top. The number after your name is very important and you should memorize it. You’ll need it for buying lunch and for getting into your computer.

    How long is each class?
    Each period is 43 minutes long. Some classes last for 2 periods.  

    How do I know if my class is on the first floor or the second floor?
    Look at your schedule. If the room number for the class begins with a “1”, the class is on the first floor. If it begins with a “2”, it’s on the second floor.

    Where are the restrooms?
    There are restrooms on each floor. Look at your map and ask your student helper. You can always ask any student or adult if you’re not sure. 

    How do I tell which restrooms I can use?
    Bathrooms are labeled as “Boys Restroom”, “Girls Restroom”, and “Faculty”. If the bathroom says “Faculty” it’s only for teachers and other adults.

    Other Important Places Around the School

    Where is the school office?
    The office is at the main entrance (opposite end from the gym).  

    Who works in the office?
    We have 2 administrative assistants in the office, and a principal and vice principal. The guidance counselors and the nurse work in the back part of the school office. 

    For what reason would I go to a guidance counselor?
    You would go to see a guidance counselor if you had a problem with your schedule or if you needed to talk to someone about a problem with another student. If there is a problem in a specific class you should talk with that teacher.

    Where is the nurse’s office?
    The nurse’s office is at the back of the main office. If you need to go to the nurse, you should use the door in the back of the main office area that is near the Art room. 

    For what reason would I go to the nurse’s office?
    If you feel sick, tell a teacher and he or she will sign your agenda so you can go to the nurse. She will ask you how you feel and how long you’ve been feeling sick. She may also check to see if you have a fever. You would also go to the nurse if you need to take medicine every day at school or if you need a cough drop or medicine to help with mild pain. You are not allowed to bring any medicine to school, even if you’re sick. All medications must be handled through the nurses office.   

    Who will let my parent know if I’m sick or if there’s an emergency at school?
    If the nurse determines that you need to go home, she will call your parent/guardian and ask him or her to come and get you. If there is an emergency at school, someone from the office will contact your parent/guardian.  

    Where is the library?
    The library is next to the main office. You can go there to borrow a book or to get help with your Chromebook.


    How do I open, close, and lock my locker?
    A student or an adult will help you learn how to use your locker. You’ll keep your coat, backpack and lunch in it. You’ll also keep any notebooks that you don’t need for class in the locker.  

    Why is it important to keep my locker locked?
    Unfortunately, we have to think about students stealing things so you need to keep your locker locked. That almost never happens but we need to be thinking about how to keep students’ possessions safe. Don’t tell your lock combination to anyone. Teachers can help you if you have trouble with your lock.  

    When am I allowed to go to my locker?
    Everybody can go to their lockers before and after school as well as before and after lunch. Each grade has a different plan for when you’re able to go to your locker so ask a student or teacher in your grade.

    Cell Phones

    Can I use a cell phone in school?
    You can use a cell phone before 7:35 and after 3:00. You may also use a cell phone when you’re in the cafeteria for lunch. You cannot use a cell phone in the hall during the school day or in class.   

    What phone can I use instead?
    If you need to call your parent for some reason, you can use the phone in the office. Just ask one of the administrative assistants for permission.

    Absences and School Closings

    What are the dates of the days on which school won’t be held?
    There is a school calendar in the front of your agenda. It will tell you when we have a vacation from school. If it says “Professional Development Day” on the date, teachers will come to school but students will not. 

    Does my parent/guardian need to call the school I’m going to be absent?
    Yes. It would be best if a parent/guardian calls. They can call the school number and leave a message. Call (570) 271-3268 then push option 6 and extension 3800 to leave a message. 

    When I return to school after an absence, do I need to bring in a note from my parent/guardian explaining the absence?
    Yes. If you stay home sick or if you go to the doctor or dentist, you’ll need to bring a note from your parent/guardian when you return. Your first period teacher will let you take it to the office. If you are absent for 3 or more days in a row, you’ll need to bring a note from a doctor.  

    What are the dates on which school won’t be held?
    You can look at the school calendar in the front of your agenda to see these days.  

    What is a 2-hour delay?
    If we have a 2-hour delay, school will start exactly 2 hours later than usual. That means you will need to be in class at 9:39. Your bus will come exactly 2 hours later as well. School will end at the usual time. 

    What is a snow day?
    A snow day is when the school district has decided to cancel school because the weather makes it unsafe for students to travel to school in cars or on buses. If there is a snow day, all 4 buildings will be closed. You can also check the district website. If it says that the district is closed, no schools will be open.  

    Where can I find out if we have a 2-hour delay or snow day?
    Your parent should receive a phone call from the district to tell them using the number that he or she provided when they registered. This call is an automatic one and will go out to everyone in the district. You can also check the district website. If it says that the district is closed, no schools will be open. Closings and delays are also shown on local television stations, such as Channel 16, WNEP. 

    What is an early dismissal?
    Sometimes, while we are already in school, the weather report says that by the time school is dismissed, the roads will be unsafe for students to travel in buses or cars. When that happens, we’ll go home early. Your parent /guardian will receive a call so they’ll know at what time school will be dismissing.


    Where do students eat lunch?
    All students eat lunch in the cafeteria.  

    How long does lunch last?
    Lunch period lasts for 30 minutes. After you’re finished eating, you can go outside as long as the weather is nice.  

    Do I need to bring a lunch or can I buy one at school?
    You can either bring a lunch or buy one.  

    Will I be using cash to purchase food in the cafeteria?
    No. You will need to put money into an account that they’ll have for you in the cafeteria. You can give cash or a check to the woman who is running the cash register at the end of the food line.

    How exactly do I pay?
    When you have money in your account, you’ll get your food and then move down to the cash register area. There’s a place to enter your number into a device that’s connected to the cafeteria computes. It will automatically deduct the amount that you spend.

    Where do I get the number I need to pay for lunch?
    It’s the same number that’s after your name at the top of your schedule.

    What happens if I run out of money in my account?
    Your parent/guardian will get a message to let them know that you need to put more money into your account.

    What if I can’t afford to buy lunch?
    Our guidance counselors have forms that your parents/guardians can fill out to see if you can get free lunches or lunches that cost less. If you already got free or reduced-price lunches at another school, you will get them here too. 

    What if I’m confused in the cafeteria? It seems complicated.
    The women who work in the cafeteria are very nice so you can ask them for help with any questions you have about the money needed or what food costs. Students will be helpful too and there are plenty of adults in the cafeteria at lunchtime to help kids.  

    Ready to Begin?

    This has been a lot of information! Who should I talk to if I’m confused or unsure about some of the things that I’ve been learning about the school?
    Don’t worry! There are a lot of things to learn and nobody expects you to learn them by yourself or to learn them immediately. You can always ask other students for help and teachers are always ready to explain things. You also have a guidance counselor you can talk to.  To talk to her, stop by the office, and you can set up an appointment to meet with her. Just ask for an appointment to see your counselor. You can talk to your counselor about school, your family, any questions you have, or anything else!  We are so happy to have you at our school! We hope this will be the best school year you’ve ever had!